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The e-Government Solution for OMNITRACKER

The OMNITRACKER e-Government solution is based on the wide utilized OMNITRACKER core E-Tracking platform, covering:

Tracking of requests;
Workflow management;
Windows-, Web- and PDA-client interfaces;
Interfacing with messaging (Email, SMS), databases, web services, active directory, MS Office, etc.

The e-Government package includes specific functionality that towns, cities and government organisations can use to follow up their internal and external communication. This in a collaborated workflow based solution.


The OMNITRACKER e-Government package includes the following functionality out-of-the-box:

Central point of logging requests, integration via different communication channels (telephone, fax, letter, central desk, web, Email);
Web interface for citizens to log and follow up their own requests;
Integration with the town's active directory and central citizen database;
Best practice workflow(s) follow up the lifecycle of each type of request;
Complaint management;
Request management;
Task management;
Electronic dossier management
Notifications towards internal and external users and citizens;
Escalations towards internal users;
Confidentiality & security of sensitive information;
Planning of resources;
Multilingualism (English, Nederlands)


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