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  OMNINETOMNITRACKER / E-TrackingBenefits  

Particular Product Characteristics

OMNITRACKER stands out in the market through an abundance of features and characteristics:

Unique application concept
Availability of numerous out-of-the-box solutions
High flexibility and simple adaptability
Simple and quick implementation, fast ROI
Scalable for small and large work groups
Open, standardised interfaces
High integration capability
Multi-client capability
Contracually guaranteed release compatiability
Flexible licensing
Active co-designing in product planning
Comprehensive support through OMNINET

Our Investment - Your Profit

In order that all of your employees can provide an effective service, OMNINET makes the processes, training and infrastructure available to you.  In our recruitment process we place a high emphasis on sound education and many years of experience in process development and IT projects. With this philosophy we guarantee, throughout the implementation of your OMNITRACKER solution, a timely, cost effective service which will fulfil all of your needs. This is something you will notice throughout our entire working relationship, from first point of contact and during all subsequent dealings.



With OMNITRACKER you do not buy a retort product, but a software system which is developed and continually improved by OMNINET. All of our own processes are supported by OMNITRACKER and we utilise all its functions before it is made available for your use. Of course you also benefit from the realisation of innumerable customer requirements, incorporated into the product family. After more than 10 years of development time, you can also safely rely on a high degree of stability and a mature product.


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