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OMNITRACKER Training Schedule

 Description & Dates 2015


Our offices in Switzerland, Belgium and Russia also offer OMNITRACKER trainings on a regular base.

For inquiries about this or any OMNITRACKER training at your premises please contact us by email



 Application & Information

OMNITRACKER Training at a glance

Decisive for the success of our training courses is the practical experience of our trainers. Our trainers have been leading training courses and involved in practical customer projects for many years. Through this we are able to share the necessary theory as well as the practical usage of this knowledge.


Thanks to our target group oriented, coordinated OMNITRACKER training courses, you will be trained as:


OMNITRACKER Administrator

- Administration of OMNITRACKER application

- Performing customizing

- Design of reports

- Integration and configuration of Email and Web Gateways



OMNITRACKER Process Manager

- Responsible for one process, e.g. OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center

- Fundamental understanding about several processes of the respective OMNITRACKER Template

- Provide a profound understanding of coherences and dependencies inside a process

- Basic OMNITRACKER knowledge


-transfer of knowledge and skills how to use OMNITRACKER

-individual training for your OMNITRACKER application

-study of your individual processes which are supported by OMNITRACKER



The training courses take place at our company Headquarters in Eckental near Nuremberg. 


The training courses are also available on-site, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Please contact us for more information!


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