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OMNITRACKER Prices and Licencing

The modular construction of server licences is the licencing basis for OMNITRACKER, which can be combined to meet the customer's requirements.

The following server licences are available:


OMNITRACKER Enterprise Server:
This server licence includes all of the core functions of OMNITRACKER.
This optional component enables access through Web Browsers.
OMNITRACKER Email Gateway:
This optional component allows incoming emails to be automatically processed by the system.
An optional component for automatic hardware and software inventory for IP networks and for the identification of software licence status and usage.

These central components are complemented by a number of further software modules, for example, CTI connection and the integration of Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools.

The licensing model of OMNITRACKER is based on the flexible and user friendly "concurrent client" approach. Therefore, only the licences of concurrently logged on users of OMNITRACKER have to be acquired.  This in turn is available for the differing requirements of concurrent Windows and Web Clients, as well as a combination of the so called OMNITRACKER Combo (Windows/Web) Client licences.  The number of concurrent clients can be flexibly determined and can be adapted in single steps.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for detailed information about pricing and for a definite offer.


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