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Business processes

With OMNITRACKER a broad range of different processes can be represented. Based on the core system OMNITRACKER contains well-engineered, stadardised applications, where the business processes can be configured.

This architecture allows for OMNITRACKER to be functionally expandable. The applications can either be independent of each other or integrated with one another on the OMNITRACKER Platform. Of course users can configure their own business processes in the form of user-defined applications and available on the platform.

Today more than 25,000 concurrent OMNITRACKER client licences are in use at our customers. Some selected customers, where OMNITRACKER is used are here.

OMNITRACKER applications

The following applications are available:

OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center

The ITIL conforming and certified  IT-Service Management (ITSM) Center Application comprises the following modules:

- Incident Management

- Problem Management

- Change Management

- Configuration Management

- Access Management

- Identity Management

- Release Management

- Service-Level Management

- Knowledgebase

- Master data and Address Management

- Possible integration of a comprehensive performance accounting 



OMNITRACKER Project Management Center

- Project planning

- Project initiating

- Project management

- Project monitoring, incl. budget control

- Activity management

- Resource planning

- Time recording

- Travel times and cost Management



OMNITRACKER Requirements Management

Solution for the managing and tracking of features and its derived requirements during the product creation process.


OMNITRACKER Requirements Management Center is HOOD INSIDE certified. HOOD INSIDE is an inititiative of HOOD Group.


OMNITRACKER Systems Engineering Center

Monitoring of development processes, Requirements Management, Change Management, Error Management and Test Case Management.

OMNITRACKER Contract Management Center

Automated support during the initiating, approving, monitoring and managing of contracts.

OMNITRACKER Customer Care Center

Automation and optimisation of all operations within customer service including the disposition and monitoring of external activities.

OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center

- Customer data management

- Contact management

- Opportunity management

- Offer management

- Contract management

- Invoicing

OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center

Dispatch of external activities with integrated route planning and the necessary connection to the core components of OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway. The integration of OMNITRACKER Mobile Client is optional.

OMNITRACKER Document Management

Offers all necessary functions for creating, releasing, versioning and managing of documents of any type during the entire life cycle.

OMNITRACKER Task Management

Support during the organising, planning, managing and monitoring of tasks within workgroups.

OMNITRACKER Campus Management Center

Campus management system for all kinds of universities. The standard processes are controlled by workflows. Management of curriculum content, student data and organizational data.


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