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  OMNINETOMNITRACKER / E-TrackingSystem Overview  

OMNITRACKER - System, Components and Extensions

OMNITRACKER uses a modular software architecture, which is growing with customer needs and which is fitting flexibly.

OMNITRACKER Core Components

With the following core components, which are part of the OMNITRACKER Platform, you can customise and expand OMNITRACKER:


Supports the automated, rule-based processing of incoming and outgoing emails and integrated mail server via stand-alone mail protocols.


Enables the direct access to the OMNITRACKER database via a standard web browser.


Integrates computer-supported TAPI-capable telecommunications systems (telephony).

CTI: Computer Telephony Integration

OMNITRACKER Interface Gateway

Provides functions for the integration of third-party systems, such as SAP, network management systems and many more.

OMNITRACKER Scanning Gateway

Inventories WMI-capable IT network components and saves the results automatically in the OMNITRACKER database.

OMNITRACKER Mobile Gateway

Is the solution for the offline processing of data on mobile systems (PDA) and its synchronisation with the central OMNITRACKER database.


Offers an intuitive and comprehensive route planner, e.g. for the disposition of off-site activities and service technicians. Access to a geographical information system (GIS) with integrated maps is a component of the OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway.


Enables the structure display of several reports and statistics at one glance. Supports the automated, rule-based processing of incoming and outgoing emails and integrated mail server via stand-alone mail protocols.

Further Advantages of OMNITRACKER

Multi-client capability

OMNITRACKER is multi-client capable. So a helpdesk or service provider, for example, can perform simultaneous services with a single OMNITRACKER system for a number of different customers. The data security is thereby warranted through the system.


Ability to integrate

Through open and powerful interfaces, OMNITRACKER allows you to integrate easily and flexibly into the existing IT infrastructure.  In this way, OMNITRACKER allows data exchange without programming expenditure in different formats like:

databases (over ODBC interfaces)
data import from directory services (LDAP, ADSI, NDS)

Additionally, through the integrated COM-Automation programming interfaces, OMNITRACKER can integrate easily with nearly all commercially available systems, for example Microsoft Backoffice products.



Reports and Statistics

Comprehensive analysis, reports and statistics with various forms of depiction (tables, bar charts and histograms, pie charts, graphs, Gannt charts, funnel charts) can be generated directly from OMNITRACKER.


System requirements for the operation of OMNITRACKER



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