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OMNITRACKER Version 10.0

The Multi-Server Architecture (MSA)
Pay-per-use licensing allows you to exceed your concurrent license limit and have excess usage charged on a monthly basis
The Email Gateway now supports SMTP-Auth
The Web Gateway offers a simple editable grid view
The object list can now display count, sum, min and max information on columns
You can now produce hardcopies of time line views.


The most prominent new features of this release:

Rich Text Formatting is now available in Time-Stamped Memo fields
Client Auto-Update from V9.3 or higher does no longer require the local user to have administrative rights
The WebGateway now supports Internet Explorer 9

Release Notes 

System requirements and supported versions of 3rd party systems


The most prominent new features of this release:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allow you to periodically measure and display
your organization's performance
KPI Queries: It's now possible to define KPI queries that are periodically executed
on the server side. Sampled data can be displayed using KPI Cockpit controls,
exported, or used in reports
KPI Cockpit Controls: OMNITRACKER now offers a new set of controls (gauge, line chart,
pie chart, and so on) that can be attached to KPI data or filled by script
Global Forms in Tools menu: It's now possible to open Global Forms from the tools menu
Resource Utilization display in Timeline view: In the timeline view control, you now can visualize the percentage of utilization of a resource
Rich Edit Control: The WPF-client Rich Edit Control has been almost completely re-implemented mainly for performance reasons


The most prominent new features of this release:

Authentication against Microsoft Exchange Server for import, export and synchronization now supports the mailbox delegation option. This option allows users to access the mailboxes or certain folders in the mailboxes of other users, if they have been granted permissions explicitly.
With this version OMNITRACKER supports bidirectional synchronization of objects with Microsoft Exchange Server.
Empty search strings in full-text search fields in the Web client now will be ignored.
In the tree view, grouping now also can be used for full-text search results.
Full-text search filters now also can be used together with queries.
The LDAP authentication mechanism now supports users that reside in different branches of the LDAP tree.
LDAP profiles now support redundant servers.
New holiday calendars for the years 2011 - 2015 now are available.
Escalations now can be suppressed for objects in the trash bin.


The most prominent new features of this release:

In the list and tree views, you can group by selected columns.
In the list and tree views, you can display an info row underneath each line that gives a preview of field contents. Especially useful for memo fields.
A new view type "graph view" allows you to show a tree view as a graph consisting of connected nodes and edges.
A new HTML Editor control allows you to edit memo fields of subtype "HTML Mail Body". (Please note the restrictions mentioned in the online documentation.)
In the Mobile Client, you can display multiple forms for the the same folder. The displayed form depends on the current server-side field values of the displayed object.
Data from Microsoft Exchange Server can be synchronized continuously with OMNITRACKER (Beginning in version 9.2.500).


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