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  OMNINETOMNITRACKER / E-TrackingNew Features  

OMNITRACKER Version 10.3

The most prominent new features of this release:

The extensive version provides a well-rounded mix of new features as well as countless improvements to functionality, usability, looks, and performance:

Highlight is the all-new Web-Service-Consumer. Through features like WSDL analysis and mapping, it greatly simplifies interfacing with SOAP WebServices and thereby integrating into a Service-Oriented Infratructure.
Selection trees are available in, both the Windows- and in the Web Client. They can be used wherever users have to be assisted in choosing from large, structured set of options, e.g. a Service Catalog.
OMNITRACKER 10.3 is also another step in the continuous improvement of the Web Client:
While the Windows Client has offered a maximum of client-side scripting flexibility in the Windows Client for years, it is now available in the Web Client, too!
Split buttons increase clarity in Web forms (see figure below)

Notifications can now be received in the Web Client as well.
Bulk modify actions by Endusers are now supported in the Web Client like in the Windows Client.
Last but not least, our customers have contributed to implement new functions of OMNITRACKER 10.3 with the aid of RfC Rating. Among others, the following functions are included in OMNITRACKER 10.3 due to customer evaluation:

- Re-usable Rules 
- Additional Rule Conditions per folder 
- Filter parameter forms 
- Cutting of history records after course of time 

OMNITRACKER Version 10.2

The most prominent new features of this release:

Improvements Web Client:

Expandable and collapsible sections in web forms
Folder specific shortcut bar
Improved look and feel of the toolbar
Toolbar buttons contain popup menus and user-defined buttons
Permissions for hiding fields in the rule editor and in the layout editors, also available like in the Windows Client
Change column widths by mouse operation

The new performance profiling tool enables the recording and analysis of user actions from all clients and automated processes
Numerous performance improvements

Release Notes 

System requirements and supported versions of 3rd party systems

OMNITRACKER Version 10.1

The most prominent new features of this release:

The new Script Engine (necessary to support new tools and new features in Web Gateway)
The script editor was extended by features for writing scripts faster and for recognizing scripting errors earlier.
The new OMNITRACKER scheduler process triggers certain types of actions automatically at predefined times: - Tasks, - Data Imports, - Full-text search index compression / update

Since OMNITRACKER version 10.1, the Web Client is enhanced substantially:

Improved Look and Feel
Calendar View
Smaller functionality gap between Web Client and Windows Client
Make new application areas accessible
Easier integration into portal web sites (e.g. free configurability of colors and fonts)

OMNITRACKER Version 10.0

The most prominent new features of this release:

The Multi-Server Architecture (MSA)
Pay-per-use licensing allows you to exceed your concurrent license limit and have excess usage charged on a monthly basis
The Email Gateway now supports SMTP-Auth
The Web Gateway offers a simple editable grid view
The object list can now display count, sum, min and max information on columns
You can now produce hardcopies of time line views.


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