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OMNITRACKER in daily use

Easy operation and intuitive user interface

OMNITRACKER features a user interface, which can be operated intuitively and which is designed to meet industry standards. This ensures that users can adapt effectively to any new tasks.



Comprehensive range of output methods for clear presentation of information

- Lists and tables    
- Hierarchical diagrams (with "drill-down" capability)   
- Calendars (with daily, weekly and monthly variations)    
- Timelines for time and resource planning   

Easy customisation of the user interface and forms

- Filters to focus upon particular relevant objects    
- Appearance settings (highlighting etc.)    
- OMNITRACKER KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Cockpit    
- Full-text search    

Creation of an Incident

- Creation form for new Incidents    
- Incident details    
- Dynamic Workflow-Diagram (Incident process)    

Graphic form editors for Windows and Web interfaces are included.


Specific forms can be created for user groups, use case etc., for example:

- Fast entry forms for the efficient input of incident reports    
- Forms with limited display of information   
   (e.g. to allow customers to check the status of their incident reports)   


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