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OMNITRACKER is a professional helpdesk, service management, CRM and "Action and Request" tracking system, which is applicable to a wide range of different service organisations and applications, and can be adapted very quickly, easily and economically to suit the customer's systems and business processes.


For technical service organisations we offer ITIL compatible process modules for OMNITRACKER.

Who should be interested in OMNITRACKER?

 All organizations 



such as helpdesks and call centres, sales
organisations, development teams and other service-based organisations

 processing incoming service queries


such as fault, problem or error
reports, complaints, customer contact and sales requests

 from a variety of sources and media


such as telephone, email, web, ...

 striving to optimise their processes.

What is the benefit of using OMNITRACKER?

Through flexible licensing models, scalability and open interfaces, OMNITRACKER is perfectly suitable for use in businesses of all sizes. Combining the easy installation of OMNITRACKER with integrated efficiency increase leads to a very short amortisation time (ROI) of investment costs. The strategic focus of OMNITRACKER consists in the understanding and optimising of systems and business processes respectively.


performance and


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